I get over 150 texts from her? What is it with females today? They're so screwed up.

OK so I ran into this lady and got her number we talked for couple days by phone she told me how bad her ex was and all the so I was a nice guy. Long and behold she says she is going to try to work things out with he ex so I'm like OK by now enjoy. So I meet a new chick and we talk on phone couple days and we end up sleeping together and then the next 3 days go by I get over 150 texts from her I'm not joke I stopped counting at 150. So I am thinking she's nuts so I change my number quick. Now I meet this really cool chick smoking hot sexy as sexy gets we chat a little bit hang out a couple times go back to her place on night and here's were it gets nuts with this girl things get going clothing hits the floor and this cool hot sexy chick get crazy she had hidden somewhere around her bed a pair of vampire teeth not a cheap set a real sharp set so she put them in I still have t noticed yet but then she's kissing on the neck and BAM she bits me holy crap it hurt so notice the teeth but we keep going now the rest of the night she kept trying to bit me at one time grabbed her by the hair to kept her from biting. So now I have met what I say is the 3 craziest females I have ever met. Now yesterday the first girls calls and says it didn't work out and wants to go out. Now these females are from the same town/area so number I don't want to because she blew me off and 2nd she could be more nuts then the other 2 So should I take a chance and see if this girl is nuts or stay away I am going through a kind of meeting nutty chick phase in my life now that I thunk about the last 10 or 12 have been BAT SH%T CRAZY


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  • It's obvious from how you speak about women, you have some sort of issue with them. That's probably why you can't attract a "normal" girl.

    A girl going back to her ex can't really be classified as "bat sh*t crazy". The girl who calls and texts 150 times, even though I'm sure you're exaggerating at least a little, I understand being freaked out by her. The vampire thing is weird, only if you're too immature to realize that almost everyone has a fetish of some sort, most are too embarrassed to admit it though. I applaud anyone with the guts to do whatever makes them happy (or turns them on).

    • 150 times no exaggerating at all

    • The fact that that is the only part of my response you felt the need to respond to just solidifies my belief. You need to work on yourself first and then maybe you'll find the kind of girl you want.


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  • Girl 1: Don't date her... emotionally unstable

    Girl 2: Extreme desperation and controlling

    Girl 3: A sadist.

    I think that we all have times in our lives where we just meet nutty people. I have dated:

    39 year old dude living with mom

    Albino that later stalked me

    Mr. Two Face (extremely nice and loved in public the worst of all jackasses in private)

    Player with 1 inch wiener.

    Dumbass who sends a foto of himself wearing a Tom & Jerry pijamas at 35 years of age.

    So I suppose it takes some patience and weeding out the ones that are absolutely not dating material.

  • date new girls ...maybe you should get to know them more before sleeping with them lol

    • What the fun in that

    • ummm...no kraziness and screwed up factor tht you are complaining about...it's good to at least knw if they are stable or know if they have a disease etc...but by all means continue what you are doing..you are doing great in picking the girls to sleep with lol

  • What are you hoping we'll say to you exactly?

    • The vampire thing was definitely weird. But you can't say all females today are screwed up, that's simply rude.

  • okay.


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  • don't plan on marrying any of them. Plan on marrying another girl. Continue to hangout with them as "friends". from time to time touch them playfully and you might get laid. When they start going REALLY CRAZY run for the hills and find a nice girl to settle down with, but remember to protect your new girl because crazy bitches might just try to screw that sh*t up!

  • Certainly there are a lot of nuts from both sexes running around loose...and I met some when I was younger. In fact, we do not have enuf asylums or therapists to go around. One idea for both sexes is to find out what same sex thinks of your date. In other words I always liked to know what my female friends thought regarding a girl that I was interested in. And girls...us males can often times spot an a$$hole a mile away...it's not foolproof...I have seen guys & gals who seemed OK with their own sex but then when apesh*t around the opposite gender...

    Good Luck...

  • I would leave town if I were you.


    Go with vampire girl, she sounds like a f***ing lej.

  • Judging from this paragraph you sound like a f***tard, so I'm not surprised you're attracting crazies.