I asked my friend that I like to hang out this week. She said she'd be really busy. Is she ignoring me?

I asked like last weekend if she wanted to do something this week and she said she didn't know since she'd be really busy

That wouldn't be a problem but I've tried texting her and calling her since and she hasn't replied to either

Does it sound like an excuse or could she actually be busy? I mean, even if I'm doing something, I still try to reply to texts if someone texts me...


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  • She probably is busy. Especially if she's at uni, I know the past few weeks I've had little time for friends because of work, assignments and preparing for exams :/

    If she normally has time for you, assume it's things in her life that's causing the problem and not you :)


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  • i think she was busy , were you annoying her while you asked? were you on good terms with her? I don't think she is ignoring you:)

    • yeah, pretty good terms. talking just fine last week

      I just think its sort of weird that she ignored me two times

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  • I would text her maybe once.. If she ignores it leave her be and forget about her... I find it best ask her next week if she says she is busy if so say tell me if something changes or w.e might have been annoying her tho..