Do all the males here get come on private messages from unknown women all the time on GAG?

I seem to average one a month. At first I thought it was just underage girls trolling for trouble, but I'm beginning to think it's some sort of professional ring.

They disappear from Gag after I report them..The content is always the same, with slightly different wording : Hello, I'm... I"m 21. I looked at your profile and I think we could communicate well... (A few vague details about how they look..) Here's my e-mail (occasionally they also give a phone number).

I've never followed up on any of these. Does anyone know what's going on?

Please RATE already!


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  • If you ever feel that you are receiving spam in your GAG Inbox, please take the following steps?

    1. Please copy/paste the conversation, and send it to us immediately via Contact Us. This helps us gather details regarding the user. If it is a posting, please provide a link to the post.

    2. Block the user to prevent any future messaging. To do so, go to the user's page, and click on "Block."



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  • They are bots

    they are trying to send you spam emails to links with dating sites and penis enlargement pills don't fall for it

    this bots are created by pizza eating, pot belly gutted star trekkie computer science grads who figure out how to elude your computers spyware system, they might be on your computer right now, tracking your internet searches for data analysis to submit via BA contract to some business consulting firm with a weird name and no website in New York who hire recent frat boy grads who don't know jack sh*t about business and work earning 30 grand a year doing stupid sh*t like this and then go and party all night with the money they earn but don't have more than 2000 grand in the bank but act like big shots because their work requires dress shirt and tie which they got on sale at mens warehouse buy one get one free for the summer at some mens warehouse in a strip mall around their home neighborhood where the people working there are "brand inventor" f*** ups that are closet f**s that got a job at mens warehouse and kick themselves in the ass for not doing better in life so they smoke dunhill cigarettes and wear their shiny dress shirts and treat the rest of us like we are color blind to fashion and don't tell us the clothes we can get half price at kohls but they buy them and sell the for twice the price to these frat boy grads who get a job at a marketing firm in bumblef*** new york that is in partnership with a firm that creates bots that are in subsidiary to some firm that works with another firm that does advertising with gag who solicited you penis enlargement pills via email that is related to these bots but you don't know and somewhere somebody is making money and its...probably the Illuminati

  • Yeah I get those too, and also frequent contacts from people looking to sell tickets to John Lennon concerts. I place them both in the round file. ; - )

  • I used to get that spam now and then before I made my profile private. I think that helped somehow.

    • shouldnt have to make it private just because of spam. the site needs better security, if they could make an h t t p s version of gag, thatd be cool

  • Yes I've had that before someone commenting on my answer was really weird

  • Lol, sounds like bot-spam. I feel left out, I've never got any. ;_;

  • I've gotten those twice and I just remove it and move on

  • theyre spam. I report it as spam.

    i don't think girls on here get spam, they get actual men on here messaging them

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    • yeah, I def. could

    • Some guys just want to conversate with women on here just for light banter nothing wrong with that, girls just jump on their high horse and assume every guy that IMs them is a horn dog,