Why would he ask me to hang out and then ditch me?

This guy likes me. Or so he told me. He said we should hang out this week and I agreed. I said to him that anyday would work so he said he would call me. This morning he said it looks like things are really busy for him this week. Cool. He asked if next week was good for me and I said it was. But just right now I looked at his Facebook wall and saw that he actually has made plans with someone else tonight. Its not a girl, just a guy friend. But why would he ask to hang out with me, only to ditch me with a lie?


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  • egh, I wouldn't worry about it too much. I think its actually a good sign that he had the manners to call and say his week was really busy. He could have text you or called on Friday. I know it bugs that he is with his male buddy over you, but things could, in fact, be really busy for him this week.

    Though, I would refrain from contacting him in anyway, let him be the one to seek you out!


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  • He's just not that into you. You have to gauge a guy's interest level and act accordingly.

  • He didn't technically lie, he said he was busy (he never said busy with what). He agreed to hang out with you another time which shows his intentions aren't necessarily bad.