Would you date other girls while trying to get the one girl you truly like?

There's this guy I know and we both used to like each other although nothing ever really happened. After a while he started dating other girls and I moved on, as I thought he did. Until recently we started talking again and he admitted to my friend that he had liked me all along for 3 years and didn't really know why he dated other girls.Would you guys do the same thing while waiting for that one girl?


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  • i wouldn't date other girls while waiting for that one girl I truly like


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  • No. If I have a certain girl on my mind I couldn't possibly focus on another girl and start dating. Unless I knew that I couldn't possibly be with her in which I would try to move on. Maybe that's what he was thinking?


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  • Im not a guy but this question still applies to both genders.

    I would... If there was something preventing me from immediately being with the one I want.