The movie "Hanna" - Why the freakout over a kiss?

I saw the movie "Hanna" the other day. I thought it was okay. Far more implausible than say "Leon" aka "The Professional". But okay. And then I was reading some reviews of it today, and it seems like some reviewers have just about lost their minds over a "l3sbian" kiss in the movie.

It's an offscreen, sound only peck on the lips between two girls who have just talked about being friends for ever. There's nothing remotely s3xual about it. It barely registered with me when I saw the movie. And yet some reviewers are hopping mad, calling it pedo, promoting a gay agenda, blah blah blah.

(I'm trying to misspell certain keywords, so this stays in "Other" and not any other category GAG tries to misfile it in.)

What the hell is wrong with these people?


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  • It's sensationalized in the press since they're all in cahoots. Like three companies run and or distribute everything nowadays in media so they create a fake stir and more people want to go see it. It works by getting people posting about it online...


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  • Because uptight conservative and/or religious people get upset about everything.

    I agree about it barely registering. I saw the movie and when you mentioned this, I had to rack my brain to remember it.


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  • LOL @ people who always drone about the sinister "gay agenda". seriously people, grow up.

  • I couldn't even remember the kiss, I liked the movie but it was a bit predictadle at times

    • That's kind of the point of the question. It was offscreen, and utterly unmemorable. And yet some people are going crazy over it. Are they insane or what?

    • I don't know if the movie came out as the same in the UK but I watched it about 3 weeks ago and none of the media here talk about the movie let alone the kiss