Dating The Intern, advice?

Last week, my company welcomed our summer interns to the newspaper office, and I'm really attracted to one of them - not just physically, but her personality and sense of humor also. At the same time, she's also gone out of her way at times to smile, chat and joke with me, unprompted.

I'm 27 and she's about 21 1/2 (going into her senior year of college). I really want to go out with her, but I know that inter-office dating is a potentially tricky situation. Should I just ask her out now, or should I keep getting to know her, wait until the internship ends in about 6 weeks, and then ask her out?

(Note: My company doesn't have a policy prohibiting dating co-workers, but the potential for awkwardness exists if things don't work out - especially so, because I work in a fairly small building.)


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  • could your company hire her after the internship? you don't want to be in that situation

    • I suppose that is a possibility - I'm currently a reporter, and after her senior year of college ends next year, they may look to hire her on after that. There is a good chance that I could be working somewhere else by the time that happens, but your point is very well-taken...good insight.

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  • i would say not unless you re sure she's the love of your life.. I have a friend who is an intern and started dating her only to to a lot of awkwardness and accusations

    • Luckily, the good thing is that I'm not the boss of my office (that would be my editor). As a reporter, I'm only one notch higher on the ladder than the intern in question - however, I definitely see your point regarding awkwardness and accusations. Unfortunately, I have some immature co-workers that would really go out of their way to make light of the situation, if the intern and I did happen to date.

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  • keep in mind that by "going out of her way" she could really just be trying her best to fit in and make a good impression. food for thought :)

    • That is true, I will definitely keep that in mind going forward.

  • May be you can ask her out, depending upon the situation whether she is comfortable with you or not. But as you suggest, she should be OK.

    • It does seem like there is some chemistry there - thank you for your response.