Why won't she text me back?

This girl is obviously flirting with me, a girl I'm friends with seen how she acts around me and said she was flirting. She is always teasing me more than others, massive smile including her eyes when she sees me, before leaving for summer she gave me a long hug pulling me in and had her hands low with no patting, wants to always be physically close, acts nervous around me fiddling with things and blushed when saying she missed me, with school over we have been keeping in touch over Facebook the things she posts are flirty and lot of inside jokes only I would get.

Now the confusing part, 98% of the time when I text her she won't text back. That's always been a sign of her not liking you, so I thought she maybe a flirt but she only acts like above with me. Her close guy friend complains she ignores his texts too. I know she seen the texts always on her phone and doesn't seem to have trouble texting back her girlfriends, not sure about other guys besides the one mentioned. If I posted the same message on Facebook I know she would respond Asap. I'm also fairly certain that she has unlimited texting too. So I don't understand why it is so hard to text me back, so I would appreciate any light shed on it.

if she is sitting next to me or aound me I catch her looking at me, when she knows she is caught she just smiles and looks down.
I would like to think she is not an attention whore and if she was you would think she would have 10 guys drooling over her, which she could. She is already vary popular so she always gets attention any way. not sure what would make me so valuable if she is an attention whore any way, I frequently ignore her and have ditched her to hang out with other friends. Think I will ignore her, at least until she comes to visit.
she has an i-phone so not totally sure if she is always texting or just playing games etc I have seen her get a text from one of her girlefriends and post a response on Facebook instead of texting back., a couple times. I have seen her not text back a couple girls when they texted her so I could possibly be over reacting but then they could have been answering something she asked. so much frustration over something as stupid as a text
went for workout always good for clearing your head any way I do remember when the guy friend complained she never answered his texts, she apolagized and said she does it to every one. I have noticed her girlefriends even her best friend ask her to hangout, movies etc over Facebook when they could easily text her. so I am possibly over reacting and she really does do it to everyone.i think I will ignore her for a bit still and see what happens. p.s sorry for all the updates.


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  • well I don't know why she would do this, it all depends on the kind of person she is but I'm thinking either:

    A.) she isn't texting you back because she wants to play with your head

    B.) she does really like you and wants to see how much of an effort you are going to try to put into talking to her

    C.) she's blowing you off maybe cause she's talking to someone else?

    but regaurdless of the reason I think onee day you should just call her and ask her why she is always blowing off your texts. DO NOT text her and ask her lol.

    also, maybe she's tired of waiting for you to make a move so she's trying to not be into you so much

    you need to step up your game mister!

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      She told me before she was not ready for anything yet as she just broke up with another guy. I feel she is trying to show she is ready now, she even said she would come visit me at some point. I never had been one to seek her out actually she did it a lot recently always running into her, so I don't wanna change myself. could she just want me to keep thinking about her?

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      don't hate the player, hate the game lol. and yeah I did do it to play games cause I knew it bothered him so bad and when he did it to me it actually made me want him more. ya just gotta know when to start and when to stop. id try it and if she don't start making more of an effort then just call her and see what's up. your gonna have more regret for something you didn't do then something you did!

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      lol you seem like an expert. can you read over my latest question