Why do so many girls tell you they really want to hang out, but never do?

I swear it's annoying. I've met tons of girls who are ecstatic and like, "Oh yeah I totally wanna hang out" and then you contact them and they're like "Oh I'm busy" or something like that. Why can't these girls just say they aren't interested?


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  • Some girls are lying, but for me it's because I'm a) busy and b)really nervous. It happens to me all the time where a guy says he wants to hang out and I say "yeah definitely!" But it takes me a couple times of them asking before I comply. However, I do want to hang out. I currently have a guy that I'm very attracted to who has been bugging me for over a week to hang out. I honestly am busy, but a lot of it is nervousness too. I'm no amateur to the dating scene but I always get nervous with someone new. So usually after a couple times of them asking I get comfortable enough and it all goes well lol.


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  • Well, they might actually be busy or had a better offer before yours! Sorry to put it like that, but like men, we women have to keep our options open, too. Believe it or not, people past their high school years still worry about who they are seen with and what other people will think. Stupid to me, but hey, it happens. Just don't offer those girls a chance anymore. They could be missing the best damn thing that could ever happen to them! I almost missed my chance with my man because I was chasing someone else. Thankfully, though, things turned out for the best!

    • You've got a point, but I was actually just referring to hanging out as friends, not trying to date the person.

  • i would never do that.


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  • They're lying. If someone's interested in you, they make time for you. Period.

    Many people would rather lie than say "no" to your face.

    Makes me crazy, too.

    • Sigh. Just wish I knew why.

    • Allow me to refine my answer:

      I think people can have mixed emotions, and people can be busy.

      But my life is too short for people who can't make up their minds, or who say one thing and do another. If someone's not interested in me enough to show a little initiative and make time for me, I'm not going to chase them and get tagged as a stalker who can't take a hint.

    • Lol. I had to add a response to atomizer...yes, you can easily be labeled a stalker for repeat requests! I've come across my share of them, but they did more than just ask questions...emails, phone calls, messages, texts, following me! Scary! And I agree, if a girl is interested she will make time for you.