Can you date someone you don't find attractive?

I have been talking to a guy for 5mths know we have seen each other in passing and stopped to say hello a few times and now have met up for a drink we seem to get alone well and find it easy to hold a conversation and even flirt with one another without ever feeling uncomfortable we have never kissed or any thing But the one thing is I don't find him attractive I have never been the person that goes for looks first but friends that have seen him all say in a nice way they don't see us being together and other are quite rude about his appearance . I have been single for a while but said to myself for the first time I want the whole package for once so what do I do


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  • If you don't find him attractive don't waste your time. Some people are gonna say "oh that's shallow" but ignore them. Do you think he'd be going after you if he didn't find you attractive? There has to be some type of chemistry and physical attraction for it to work, or else you'd just be friends right? Dating a guy you're not attracted to is basically settling. You're not going to magically become attracted to him and you'd only grow to resent him anyway. Think about when he tries to kiss you or the first time you have sex? Do you really want that? Guys don't go for girls they don't find attractive and they don't make apologies for it, I don't see why so many women feel they have to. Life isn't some fairy tale, Quasimodo isn't going to transform into some handsome prince, if you are not attracted to him you won't be happy in the relationship.


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  • Move along. If you you don't feel it now then you never will.

  • can only end badly.

  • No because attraction opens the door , personality keeps you there

    • so keep dating or mov e on

    • yes because settling isn't fair to you or the person your trying to make yourself like

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