Did I really screw up?

okay, yesterday I was hanging out with the girl I like it was our first time hanging out in about 3-4 weeks. we were talking over coffee we talked about random stuff, she said I should go to a play she is in and so on. as we went she brought up the subject of one of her school dances, we discussed the fact that the name and date had changed and son on. then she said something like "i guess people will just have to ask at a later time then normal" and that it should be wierd. after I walked her to her car, she said she had a good time and that it was fun. As I left in my car, I thought that I probably should have asked her to the dance, so later I did, via text (I know terrible method, but we go to different schools so I could be a while before I see her again.) and she hasn't replied in a day, what did I do wrong, or am I overreacting, (to be honest it would probably be better if she had said no, than this not replying thing.)


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  • She's probably discussing with her girlfriends. . . if you don't hear from her soon, give her a call. Not a text. Tell her you wanted to ask her then, but you were too nervous.

  • maybe she doesn't know whether she wants to go, or maybe she's just busy with other stuff. hang in there - if all else fails, text her again.


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