What to wear and do for a sixth date?

OK so I have been seeing this guy about once or twice a week now we are not "going steady" (is that term still used?) anyways I was wondering what we should do and what I should wear Seeing how he will be just getting off of work and usually I wear something out of the ordinary I like to mix it up a lot so its always different and fun and flirty and out there in a good way but what to wear what to do we went out for coffee did dinner twice and a movie and sex but now what I want to keep moving forward and get him to ask me out soon and start to go "steady" so what's my best shot it tomorrow so I need your help ASAP


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  • Y'all could go to a place for some dancing if that would work out. Or maybe another movie? Or maybe going to his house for dinner, or your house. The dancing and dinner would be a good time to dress nicely. Or just hang out, try and relax all casual.


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  • Wear whatever you didn't wear on the first five :P

    How about you two do something a little low key and cute, like bake a cake or dinner together and wear a cute dress :)