Why does a guy make a date and then don't show

dating a guy for 2 months. He makes a date with me and doesn't show up and now he doesn't return my phone calls. I want to know what happened- did I do something or say something that could have turned him away? And if I did why can't you just tell me. And I thought we were getting along nicely. hmmmm.


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  • I have been where you are.Its a state of confusion! He isn't being very polite either, especially if you've been dating for 2 months. My first thought would be he is a player and isn't interested anymore and he doesn't know how to be honest! Its not about you and what you did wrong, its about him and what he wants. He doesn't know! The sad part is.he'll never tell you why, he'll just leave you wondering which is very cruel! I personally think everyone deserves an explaination, sweet and simple!

    • Definately true! trust me. its not that he's not into you at all. cause I was going out with a guy who was a little bit the same. now we're friends and talk about stuff she he told me why and everything, so now I know it all from a guys point of view. he just doesn't know what he wants. and then he'll start calling you again soon and wanting you again, and then it will happen again. he's unsure. boys are silly, they don't even know themselves

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  • He is not interested anymore. E-mail or text him and say whatever you want to say for the very last time and then walk away. The way you feel and the way he feels might be different. He might just being polite but never really mean what he said, who knows right? Just forget about where you went wrong, just think of what you deserves. Never call first after you say everything you want to say. If he calls you, then you decide what you want.

  • That's really bad! But I think he is trying to ignore you. I don't know if you did anything particular, but if he doesn't return your calls, you can't really ask him. So I think just let him be. There's more fish in the sea, or better people. There's lots of reasons why people stop talking to other people but the only way is to move on.

  • Firstly, sometimes this is an 'ego thing'; it makes a guy feel he's got 'power' over a woman. Secondly, it could be the 'treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen' element that so many guys employ these days.

  • He probably found someone if hasn't returned your calls. He just doesn't want to face you because he knows he's wrong to do this, it's his easy way out. I agree, you can do better