Attractive guy at work wants to "hang out". Does he just want sex from me?

Yeah, so there is this really attractive guy that has shown interest in me at work he's been asking to hang out but I've either turned the offer down or either ignore his requests but he is so persistent. You'd think he'd get a clue that I'm not interested. At one point I had a sort of crush on him, at the time though we couldn't talk so I left him alone. But now after seeing me with a really nice suit on one day at work he just will not leave me alone. I don't know what his intentions are but I feel as if he just wants to use me for sex. I'm quite attractive myself so I feel even more apprehensive about dating him. Ever since he saw me in this nice outfit at work he has been hounding me relentlessly trying to get me to hang out with him. I don't know what to think of all of it he's been asking things about me like what it is I like to do he asked about drawing (I love to draw) he asked if I was going to make a living out of that I told him that I plan to. We have talked about work and going to school and things. He seems truly interested in me but I don't know. I feel really cautious whenever I talk to him because of how I feel about his actions.


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  • Cant really say what his intentions are, but what strikes me is, all of a sudden you come in with this suit and he recognises you? how come he didn't recognise you before, was you not his type before but now that you look sexy, you are his type? there's a big chance all he wants is to satify his ego and get you out so he can seduce you or at least try and flirt with you, but before he wouldn't even of approached you in this way, for me, if a guy is genuine, his attraction is the same for you no matter what you wear, because all something sexy does is make you want it a little more, but after you satify that urge, you couldn't care less, so be careful. Its obvious you have talent to be aware of his intentions, but make him work for your attention, because if he really is interested, and I'm going on personal experience, he will want to know more about you regardless of you accepting his invite, so watch how he tries, does he ask you what drawings you like drawing, see if he educates himself on the subject so he knows what he is talking about, because I would want to know if its portraits, still life,nature etc so just make him work for you, because the end of the day, your talents deserve a worthy man, not a player who's only goal is to nail you for the night and move on, take care,x


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  • It would be an overgeneralization to proclaim that every guy wants to have sex - but for the most part it's true. I can't think of anything else I'd rather do. It's like the guy who said,

    "Do you believe in the hereafter? Because if you're not hereafter what I'm hereafter then you'll still be hereafter I'm gone!"

    Serious though. Not every guy will want to jump your bones right away. Some really do want friendship as well. Sometimes even first. What have you got to lose? I mean, if he's any kind of a man he'll understand the word "no".

  • does he ask abt you or just comment on your body? is he showing more intrest in you or intrest in sex

    its hard to find an answer for this because he could want a relationship or he could just want sex. they both start very similar and some guys will even pretent to be intrested in your life so you will want sex with them.

    the best advice I think, is to wait. the longer you make a guy wait the more truth you'll see about his motives

    • No he hasn't commented on my body. If anything he tries to flirt with me a lot. However he did try to invite me over to a friend's house who would be out for that evening. I declined because it was way too suspicious. I don't go on a date to some other guys house. Its like he is trying to see how easy I am. If anything I think it bothers him that I'm not showing a whole lot of interest in him considering how good looking he is. I guess he thought he could get me in the sack really easily, he cant

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    • Yes, and I outwardly told him that is what it sounded like. I told him I have more class than that.

    • yes def. he doesn't have enough respect for you to make something into a relationship he wants sex more than anything

  • Your not interested in him?

    If not then don't hang out with him.

    • Its more or less my uncertainty about what he is after. I don't know if he is interested in dating me or screwing me. If I knew what it is he's really after I'd be totally down with dating him if his intentions are genuin.

    • Then ask him straight out what he's after. a date or a one night stand ect. Generally if I was in this situation, Yes I would want to have sex with the women. That doesn't mean I want a one night stand. One night wouldn't satisfy me. Attraction comes first for most men.

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  • most of the time when a guy wants to "hang out" he's trying to f***. if it wasn't mainly sex he probably would have asked you on a date. trust your instincts