Why do most short girls only go for tall guys?

I can never understand that. All the tall girls are occupied by the tall guys for obvious reasons but at the same time even the short girls are occupied by the tall guys. Somehow girls who are like 5'2 think 5'7 and 5'8 are too short for them. What's up with that? Short girls should be available for 5'8 guys like me.


Most Helpful Girl

  • ppl usually lokking for something they don't have, so maybe short girls are so into the tall guys becoz it was always a wish for them to be tall!

    but I have an aunt who is short to, and when she was single she was just looking for so tall guys, becoz she believed her daughter or son should be tall to don't suffer from thing she did, so she needed a tall guyt o marry :D I know...but that's what she told me :P I just wanted to share :D