Why do most short girls only go for tall guys?

I can never understand that. All the tall girls are occupied by the tall guys for obvious reasons but at the same time even the short girls are occupied by the tall guys. Somehow girls who are like 5'2 think 5'7 and 5'8 are too short for them. What's up with that? Short girls should be available for 5'8 guys like me.


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  • ppl usually lokking for something they don't have, so maybe short girls are so into the tall guys becoz it was always a wish for them to be tall! but I have an aunt who is short to, and when she was single she was just looking for so tall guys, becoz she believed her daughter or son should be tall to don't suffer from thing she did, so she needed a tall guyt o marry :D I know...but that's what she told me :P I just wanted to share :D

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  • to feel secure, protected, although I'm more independent

  • I don't get it either D: Without talking about my preference when it comes to personality here, I like short guys. They're adorable, and it's easy to sling an arm around them and walk around looking like we're best buddies. I'm 5'3 and I used to go gaga for this guy who's shorter than me (he is so adorable) though he gets teased by his friends because of his height. If given the permission, I'd bully his friends back. Not a lot of girls get attracted to him because of that too, and it seems like I am the only gal in the campus who finds his height okay and who would be more than willing to date him. I think we have the same dilemma here, only that it's the other way around.He only likes girls who are shorter than him D:Anyway, some girls like me do not mind height that much as compared to the personality. Some of us, for as long as they have a pleasing personality and they get along well with us, will pass our standards. Height and looks aren't a big thing for meh ^_^ Oh and 5'8 is not bad at all, well for me at least.

  • Not really I'm 4'11 and I go for any guy I'm attracted I'm never looking at there height just there personality and the way they carry themselves I don't judge based on looks either :) but not all short girls go for tall guys I have friends how date guys just an inch or two taller than them so it's just a matter of the girls preference.

  • I don't specifically go for tall guys, as long as a guy is taller then me I don't care. I have been attracted to short guys and tall guys. It is more about the face and body and personality.

  • I don't think dating someone based on their height is a good way to pick someone. being open to whoever works better!

  • Height for some reasons equals power, like the more attractive you are sometimes people think you have a better personality ( a study was done on this). Once people get older and mature, they realize height doesn't matter so much it's what you do in the relationship that counts.

  • Well, I don't think it's true that they only go for tall guys. My brother's 5'7'', he's dating a girl who's like 5'3''. My friend is like 4'11, and she's dating a guy who's like 5'8''. Another friend who's average, about 5'6'', was dating a guy about 5'9. But, I'm 5'4'', which is kinda short, and I'm dating a guy who's 6'3''. I've been attracted to shorter guys too, but I do like that he's tall. It's fun how he can just pick me up and carry me around like I weigh nothing, and it feels really safe when he hugs me. (Also I don't want to have short kids because all my siblings are short. :P) There are annoying things too, though, like it's hard to kiss on tiptoes all the time! And sometimes I think it would be really nice to be able to look in his eyes when we're walking or something.

  • will I'm 5foot..never made it the extra inch :( lol..but me personally I would go with any guys at watever height, so long as they wer taller than me, its lak a protection sorta vibe n'al aswell I think and 5foot 8 is tall

  • im five two and I agree with a lot of people here, its hoping that my children won't be minuscule. I'm younger and shorter than all my friends and in comparison to those in my grade, so I've always been treated like the baby of the group or the naive one. so, that taken into consideration, I may be more attracted to taller guys because I do feel super small most of the time and I feel safe and protected with taller guys.but, I also have nothing against guys who are 5'8" -- I'm close friends with them, friends with benefits with them, and have gone on a good amount of dates with guys who are 5'8" or 5'9".try finding a mid height girl?

    • i disagree. a lot of my mid height friends are currently dating guys that are either their height exactly or who are only an inch or two taller. maybe you're just not attracting the right kinda girl

    • Even mid height girls want tall guys. Girls of every height want tall guys unless the guy is really rich.

  • To compensate what we don't have and to have taller kids later on...Also it's a biological thing...

    • i know it does but that's just in the beggining you know like everybody says what mattters is the inside specially for girls...so be a funny easy to get along guy that you can get any girl no matter how tall you are ;)

    • Tall girls want tall guys, girls around my height want tall guys, and short girls want tall guys. Unless the guy has a lot of money, height matters a lot.

    • Well its kind of like that, my mom 5"2 married my dad 6'1 and had me 5 feet lol, guess my fathers genes weren't that great...i think you have more chances with a girl that has the same height as you than a shorter that have this compensate situation...

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  • There are no "shoulds" in dating. Nobody "should" be anything for you. You are entitled to nothing. If you're going to have that attitude, then you will surely fail at dating, even with the girls who don't see your height as a problem. If any guy told me I "should" be available to him because I'm short, I'd tell him to f*** off and get with the first 7 foot giant I could find. Women aren't property, and no guy is promised a woman in life. It's a privilege, not a right.

    • Actually, you complaining about it does absolutely nothing. The result doesn't change whether you keep quiet or complain. A girl is attracted to what she's attracted to. You complaining just seems insecure and actually makes me want to do the opposite of what you want. As for your stats, they're completely off. I know plenty of short girls dating short guys. If you're having trouble dating, it's not because of your height I'll tell ya that.

    • If guys like me who aren't tall just stayed quiet throughout this time then almost none of the short girls would give even the short guys a chance. Imagine if you had a son who couldn't get a girl just because of his height, even though girls he asked out were shorter. Anyways I have nothing wrong with short girls dating tall guys, just the fact that there are almost 90 to 95% of short girls who ONLY date tall guys and that's it. There are short guys who never even experience love or sex in life

    • I made a big deal about it because you sound so entitled! People can date who they want, and plenty of girls date short guys. It's not your place to judge the ones who choose not to, and say that they should want you just because they're short. That's ignorant thinking.

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  • People go for the things that they don't have ;)

  • im 5 foot 2 and I like tall guys but 5 foot 8 is great too! Actually this guy I had a huge crush on for a long time was 5 foot 8. So no need to worry! we are out there. And by the way, your username is sad :( don't say that about yourself :(

  • it mostly depends on the girl. I'm 5'3 and I've only dated 2 guys who were tall ( between 6'0 and 6'5). usually I go for guys that are of average height, I prefer dating them instead of tall guys

  • They go for tall guys because they have bad knees.Other than that, this is not true of me. I prefer guys of average height or less.

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  • girls are more picky, have higher standards

    • this link right here says it all: link

    • Dude, even the fat girls have some guys lined up to go out with her. Whereas for fat guys, not even fat girls are willing to go out with him. Unless the fat guys have money, women are way more picky in weight than men.

    • i'd say girls judge guys for their height while guys judge girls for their weight

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  • because they can kick ass much better?

  • Tallness is an attractive feature to most women I guess. I am roughly 6"2 6'3 I think not really sure. But a lot of girls have told me that they like that I am tall. Being tall has always been appreciated with things like being athletic, being successful, hell look at whenever presidents are having debates over the television. They purposefully make the presidents look the same height so that people don't discriminate over the shorter person. Tallness is just instilled in our culture to be attractive. I think it is kind of like that study on how good looking people tend to be more accomplished.

    • I don't know why I used the word appreciated, I think I meant to put a different word and put that one instead... my mistake

  • I wish this was the case. Alas, all the girls I know are all dating short guys =(. I'm 6' 3" btw.

  • No idea... I just think people attribute height with power and wealth.

  • Height is a desirable trait. Can you imagine if humans were 1 foot tall how many problems we would have fending off predators? Regardless I don't think girls aren't attracted to guys who are 5'8 as that really isn't that short, but when posed with equal guys only differing in height they'll choose the taller one every time just as guys would choose the girl with a prettier face if all else is equal.

    • But that's like saying why are girls who are 1s or 2s out of ten only attracted to guys who are at most 4s or 5s. We can't control who we are attracted to and height is something that usually isn't as important to guys so short girls can get the tall guys they desire as well.

    • Yeah, that's true but why would girls as short as 5'2 and 5'3 choose really tall girls? They should be for girls as tall as 5'7, 5'8, and 5'9. I don't know, it's so confusing.

  • we can reach the top shelf easier

    • that's pretty handy as we can't reach them...save us work in the airplane and supermarket...

  • They don't want to have midget babies.

    • Shorter people have a longer life expectancy so girls if you really want to improve your gene pole you should go for shorter guys 5'9 like me ... 5"10 with my good shoes :)