Why won't he text back?

so this guy was the first one to tell me that we need to hang out again soon. a week later I asked him if he wanted to go get lunch and he said he had work but how about Saturday or Sunday. I told him to just let me know whatever works best for him and he didn't reply so I assumed he was just going to text me later in the week. as it was approaching Friday though, I sent him a text asking him if he was still OK with grabbing lunch. he still didn't reply. and I don't know why he wouldn't because even if he didn't want to hang out, he could have made up a lie and said something came up. it wasn't like it was an awkward question or anything. I don't know if I should just drop it or text him again and just casually asked him what happened. I don't want to be pushy but what if he never got the text or he replied and I didn't get it? those are slim chances but I do have the worst luck. even though I do have a crush on him, we are just friends and that's how I come off; I most def wasn't too forward or anything