My boyfriend texts and calls this one girl?

boyfriend always texts this girl from his hometown he met on Facebook. every day. they have called each other and have talked for lengthy times. he hides this from me. do I need to worry?


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  • yeah, that's really werid. you need to talk to him about this

    • that's what I thought. the thing is he always says he loves me and all the girls he talks to are just friends but this is too much talking I think

    • way too much. esp since he met her on fb. whey is he even talking to strange girls online?

    • he unfriended her from Facebook


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  • if he is hiding this from you then yes, you need to worry. talk to him, ask him why he talks to this girl so much and tell him you feel uncomfortable with that

  • Tell him to stop it, if he refuses and you feel that this girl means more to him, then dump. It's no use to wait for him to actually cheat on you.