Are we dating? Boyfriend/girlfriend? How do I ask him without it being awkward?

I have been 4 dates with this guy and on the last date, we went out for a nice dinner, walk and ended up at his place watching TV on his bed. Arms were around each other, legs were intertwined. he starting hugging me tighter so I reciprocated. he then leaned over and we starting making out. We Haven't had "the talk" yet so I don't know what our relationship is yet. The making out was fantastic but it got interrupted by a phone call that he had to take. if there was no phone call, then it could have been more than just making out?

Any advice/thoughts?


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  • I'd say you're dating. Sounds like things are going slow (in a good way) and there's no need to put "the talk" out there yet. I would see how things go for the next few dates. If things are still moving along steadily and intimacy is getting hotter and heavier...then might be a time to see where it's heading. And hopefully, he'll bring it up first.


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  • Hmm. I would personally just ask him upfront. He'll appreciate that you're thinking about having a relationship with him... As for him not dating anyone else, is a different topic. Don't be scared! :)