How do Avoid being a Rebound?

I'm single right now but how do you avoid being rebound? How do you tell? What if they're just lying to you to get what they want, so? I thought this might be a helpful question for those who are dating. I'm not, but just curious about your answers, they might help me too, thankx. ;*)


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  • Take any new relationship slowly. People on a rebound are probably going to be looking for fellatio or sex or something early in the relationship, but if you wait it out then it'll become apparent what his intentions are.


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  • You wait a while before dating seriously after you get out of a serious relationship. Stops you from working out old relationship issues on new partners.


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  • thanks for answering my question. not too sure how to fish them out but it's usually the ones who have just gotten out of a long term relationship that are the ones who are rebounding and just looking for one thing. I don't think it's always intentional but generally I think guys do this for the ego boost (kind of like seeing if they still got it). best thing to do is to not sleep with a guy right away and get to know him. maybe ask him why he's single which might let you know if he just broke up with someone and if they still care for that person or are over them. this is where it's hard-guys don't really open up a whole lot but they seem more hurt when a relationship ends than they really let on sometimes.

    good luck!