Should I even bother?

I've been into this guy for about 2 years. I stopped talking to him for about 7 months. I needed to try and get over him. I recently saw him online, so I started to talk to him again. He made plans with me multiple times and he flaked on me every single time. I don't get it. I don't understand why he keeps bullsh*tting me. He claims he "forgot", but really wants to see me. Should I keep pursuing him or leave him be?


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  • MY friend does this with a girl he knows. He likes hanging out with her, but when they do hang out she starts acting weird, as though they are a couple on a date, and he has no attraction what so ever to her. After a while it just became a habit to call her, make plans, and then not show, because he could, and he was making a fool out of her. He felt bad about it eventually because he knew it was wrong, and then asked me to help him sort himself out. So I told him to send a no nonsense text about how he was using her as an ego boost because of her behavior toward him, and that he liked her as a friend and hang out as friends, but that he would never want to be in a relationship with her. He never heard from her for many months until, saw her online, she said hello, he thought she understood, so he asked her to hang out, and she immediately told him 'he had to try harder to get with her". So he stopped talking to her. I suggest you just forget this dude. He has no interest in you at all.

    • ...okay. but I don't act like that girl. I've never once asked him to hang out, he keeps asking me to hang out. I've never shown an interest in hanging out. He keeps asking every time I tell him I'm visiting our hometown. I've never hung out with him.

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    • You like him... perhaps you don't realizes that you're broadcast this, and he's taking advantage for a quick ego boost.

    • But I've never told him that I like him or done anything to let him know. I figured we were just hanging out as friends. That's how I saw it.


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  • Let him be the one to pursuit. Trust me, if he even cares the smallest bit he'll make sure to stay current with you, and pull through.


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  • dnt chase after him if he really wants to see you and be with you he will put in more effort than what he does. keep talkin to him but don't bring up anything about seeing each other. let him be the initiater