Never had a girlfriend?

So I'm a 25 year old virgin who's never had a girlfriend....

Still live with my parents, play lots of video games and watches a lot of movies.

I do go out from time to time, to parties and kick backs and drink with my friends. But I still struggle and still get nervous around girls I find attractive. I'm also trying to get a BA in history and a teaching credential. Oh and I also have ADHD.

Whats your god honest opinion about me?


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  • I'd substitute some movies for reading articles on how to please a woman. Also, you could take a cooking/baking class and wow that special someone.

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  • My opinion by just what I read?

    You are shy around women. I think sometime in the past you became less and less proactive about meeting women. You became more involved with games, movies and your friends, which made you a little rusty when dealing with the opposite sex.

    You want a girlfriend but are unsure how to get one.

    • Nah, I was always really involved with games and I've always been pretty shy around women I find attractive. I've just recently started picking up a few pointers here and there though. I might actually hit up a bar some day and just work on my social skills. So hopefully something will change. But its pretty much been stagnant as far as my luck with girls up to now.

    • Darn, guess I better quit my psychic job! lol

  • For one I do believe anyone can make an honest opinion about you with the little bit of information that you have given. In my opinion one can not make an honest opinion about someone without knowing more about a person.

    From reading what you posted I can tell that you a deciated, hardworking individual. As far as the video games goes in my personsal experience not to many girls are into video games so in some situations this may be a turn off for some women. However, that doesn't mean you have to quit playing them just maybe try to get out more. Your not going to met anyone sitting at home playing video games and watch movies alone.

    You a single 25 year old guy.get out and have fun!

    However I can say I know two other guys that are quite similar to you. One is 25, has had girlfriends, is not avirgin, he has at least 5 girls wanting to be with him and yet he sits at home with his computer, games, dog, and does nothing . He doesn't drinking so going out for him is a big problem. He is way mature then most of his friends and he doesn't feel as if he fits in.

    The other guy is 30 and is a virgin and does the same.sits at home games, computer, and movies. They are both attractive but for some reason unknown to me those qualities just do not turn a girl on unless she is also into them. for the talking to girls! That's something you will need to get over if you ever want to met a decent girl. Many girls will not walk up to a guy and start talking they feel its the guys duty to appoarch them. Do not think of how pretty she is or how is may not be interested? do think how she will response to you? She talk to her as if she was a friend, family member.and just start a general converstion. Hello, How are you? do yo you live around here? Where do you work? What brings you out tonight? Thinks like that are great conversation starters.GOOD LUCK and let me know if you need more advice

  • I think you should get out of your parents house,I love video games and you can't go wrong with movies.

    I think you sound like a guy who is very ambitious and shouldn't let the fact that you're still a virgin prevent you from being nervous or getting girls. And that is my god honest opinion about you ;*) good luck!

  • I do agree. I think you should probably get out more & don't be nervous around girls you think are cute! Why be nervous, it's just a girl! That is awesome you are in school trying to better yourself. You said you play lots of video games, I mean, are you obsessive about it or what? Would you rather spend time playing video games than going out with your friends? If that is the case, you just need to say "yes" to your friends more and "no" to playing video games more. Don't quit playing them, that's not what I'm saying at all (I myself am a video game junkie!), but do try to be more social and less of a hermit.

    The whole girl thing, what really makes you nervous. Is it the fact you might say or do something embarrassing or is it you just don't know how to strike up a conversation with them, etc.?

    Overall (with this limited amount of details), you sound like a good guy. You come off to me as the shy type, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Oh yeah, and who cares you're a virgin. That shouldn't matter.

    • I don't know why I get so nervous, its like my mind just melts into mush and all I can see is failure when I try to get the nerve to talk to a girl I like. However, I find that I do ok when I'm the one who's been talked too. I feel a bit more confident for some reason. I am trying though, I just wish I had someone around to remind me of how awesome I am every time I'm shot down. I gotta say though it takes tremendous courage for me to actually try. But again I'm trying to work on it.

    • At least you're working on it. Try to picture it this way, Seriously, what is the worst that is gonna happen? She might say no. Ok, then move on to the next girl. Think of it like a McDonald's drive thru worker, you ask if the customer want fries, they say no, then you move on to the next customer and ask the same thing! Who cares if you get shot down, everyone does at some point! The more nos you get, the closer you are to a yes and the more self confidence you'll build!

  • If you don't ask any girls out, you won't go on any dates. Don't wait for them to come up to you, because most girls won't. Start out small. Just talking to a girl doesn't mean you are hitting on them not to us anyways.

    As for the other stuff, like parents/adhd/videos/movies, there is nothing wrong with any of that stuff. Hopefully, you don't plan on living with your parents forever though.

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  • Just remember; you're no where near as bad a place as I am.

  • um well I love video games and movies and stuff too so don't worry, the livin with parents thing doesn't bother me but it may bother and certain amount of girls so watch out for dat. and as for being a virgin you just wanna find da right chick das all. but their not gonna fall right in ur lap if that's what ur hopin for.

  • A few tips from one nervous guy to another:

    -Practice making small talk with everyone, not only attractive girls. Talk to bank tellers, supermarket clerks, classmates and teachers; talk to the old and the young, male and female, all races and all jobs. The more you make small talk with people, the more comfortable you'll get at it, so you won't freeze up when you have a chance with a cute girl.

    -After a month of making small talk with strangers, set a goal of asking out one girl a week. If you're not accustomed to doing this, it will feel like a big step. But the more you do it the easier it gets, I promise. If you're afraid of rejection you'll learn that getting turned down is not so terrible. And if you set a goal and commit to it, you're far more likely to do it than if you tell yourself that you'll "someday" get more assertive.

    -Cut down on the video games. There's nothing wrong with video games, but they can too easily suck you in and devour all your time. I'd suggest the same to anyone who devoted a lot of time to a solitary activity. Cut back on the video games, but replace them with a group activity; like another answer said cooking classes are a great way to meet women.

    Good luck!

  • damn son! where is your daddy? You need some peer pressure or something. she got blood in her veins too.

  • i'm close to being like you

    • Yeah I'm 28 now and this still applies to me lol

    • no offense but if I reached your age and still single, a virgin, I would have f***ed a hooker already, or a fat chick

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