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Tons of flirty touching, but no kiss?

I have a crush on a friend of mine. He and I have been texting a lot lately and hanging out a little. We watched movies together for like 6 hours two... Show More

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  • Keep in mind that everyone goes at their own pace, or the fact he may see you as just a friend.

    If I were you, and the perfect opportunity came for a kiss, you should take the initiative and kiss him. He may not be the type of guy to initiate things.

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  • The part where you said you were whispering and your noses were touching, sounds like a kissing time for me, you should be bold and go for it! He'll love it! Catch him tigerr! <3

  • It doesn't mean that he doesn't like you :)! He is probably thinking the same thing to himself 'I did all of these flirty things, and she didn't kiss me! Does that mean she doesn't like me?'

    If you're feeling brave you should definitley just lean in and go for the kill next time you're having one of those face to face flirty moments ;). Look into his eyes, and then stare at his lips just before you do. Trust me, he will looove it.

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