Do I wait for him or move on?

I am friends with a guy at work I finally confessed that I liked and was interested in hanging out with him. He told me he has not had good luck with dating at work and if I worked at any other place, he would not hesitate. Since then, we have hung out in groups and he seems interested but its not clear. What should I do? I have liked him for 4 years and even have dreams about him?


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  • I don't know, it sounds to me like he turned you down gently. I guess I wouldn't say give up on him, but definitely don't get your hopes up. I think you oughtta keep your options open and date other guys and if it turns out in the end that he does actually want to go out then just go out with him one day and see what he's really like.

    So don't completley give up on him, but don't keep focussing on him and try out other guys. There's a term we have among us guys, but it can certainly apply to girls to: Oneitus. That's where you close all opportunites for dating other opportunites and are madly infatuated with the one guy/girl. It'll drive you mad doing that, trust me.

    • Doh, I meant dating other people, not opportunities, lol.

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  • Evidently he had some bad experiences with office dating and I won't say that it would never work out, but that seems to be his only hesitation. I think you should try talking to him about it. He may be convinced with some discussion about your maturity. Maybe you should discuss some ground rules. Also, if your company has information about dating other employees in their handbook you may want to review that before you approach him. Good Luck!

  • well if your supper intrested then its worth the wait that is ultimatelly what you need to decide. :)