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Guys, how many girls do you date at once? and girls..

are you bothered if a new guy your dating is seeing other women at the same time?

Reading responses, I should clarify - yes I mean if you aren't exclusive obviously. Some people I talk to have very different opinions and say date as many girls as you want if you aren't exclusive yet and assume she is doing the same.

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  • i'd only see one at a time. him seeing other girls would bother me even if we weren't exclusive just because I'd feel like it would be a competitive thing and I think that a guy who can't see that I'm worth all of his attention (in that respect he has to have hobbies and friends obviously) isn't really good enough for me.

What Girls Said 9

  • yes .it bothers me. I don't date multiple guys at once.

  • mmm... I think maybe the first few dates might not necessarily mean much and you aren't generally assumed to be seeing the person exclusively yet. once it is clear that it is exclusive or a relationship then I think that should be over...

  • i date one at a time. if they don't satisfy all my needs then they obviously aren't the one for me. but if they satisfy me always and I'm happy with them then there is no need to date more than one.

  • 1 lol

  • I would be beyond bothered. I would probably stop seeing him. If I date one guy at a time, I expect the same thing in return.

  • yep, slightly bothered.

  • it happens. before you're in a relationship, you're allowed to date other people. I expect it

  • just one at a time and I would expect the same from him

What Guys Said 4

  • I would only date one girl at a time and I would want her to do the same

  • I will only date/court 1 woman at a time. It is definitely more honorable and a sign of a gentleman, not to mention easier!

    I wouldn't want her to be comparing me to another guy, either consciously or unconsciously.

    But, I wouldn't date/court a woman until I was interested in exclusivity anyways.

  • i have never and WILL never date more that one girl at a time. I think people that do this simply can't stand to be alone, and want to make sure they cover all chances of them not being able to have a relationship with someone.

    This is a sign of weakness.

  • I may go on multiple first dates in a short period of time. But if I decide that I like a girl enough to go on a second date, I cancel any dates with other girls (assuming the girl agrees to a second date).

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