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What do guys think about girls - whom they find the least bit attractive and sometimes flirt with - giving them a peck kiss? Does it turn them on and/or mean something or do they just brush it off?

.and I mean on the lips.
well apparently a "peck kiss" wasn't enough for this one guy whom I officially met last night. after giving him a hug he gave me a kiss which ended up being one good make-out session. and at first it was even in front of 2 of our [guy] friends!

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  • for most guys it turns them on. I love it when a girl gives me a peck on the lips then slowly leans back and while leaning back , looks in my eyes with a certain naughty look.

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  • Well, that would certainly turn me on. A peck kiss would most likely get brushed off, if the guy was more adventurous then certainly he would be begging for me, I'm usually that guy. :(

  • By "peck kiss", do you mean a really quick superficial one?Yeah, I would think a girl didn't really like me if I got one of those.

    • Well now this question is irrelevant to me because I found a guy who almost never gives me peck kisses - instead long "french" ones! [even when I thought we would just give each other a peck kiss good-bye after our hug yesterday cause he was in a hurry he still gave me a "french" kiss.] and, ya, I meant a short, closed-lipped one. and to me it would mean something good - but I guess that guys [at least mine] need more than that!

  • Well, assuming that you're talking about the same guys from the "hug from guys I just met" question, chances are a peck on the cheek won't mean too much to them (though I'm sure it will mean *something*, even if they don't show anything back immediately.) But, I'll bet you'd get the attention of just about ANY single guy who was flirting with you if it was their lips that you were giving those peck kisses.If these guys are in their 20's and have a little more dating experience, chances are they'll play the cat and mouse game - sort of play hard to get - and try to keep things interesting without slipping you the "I LIKE you like you" letter in your purse when you're not looking. (or so I hear that's how it goes. . . .)

    • Well I haven't kissed the "hug guy" yet but I'm thinking about it, though I'm afraid that maybe he doesn't like me like that and, therefore, it would be awkward for him. he is 21 but he at least doesn't seem like the player type or maybe even dating-right-now type. and I'm definitely talking about on the lips - I don't really care for kissing on the cheek. thanks for the advice again!

  • i think a kiss without tongue is usually less serious but how do you know they don't find the girl attractive? if you clarify I could answer better too.and go answer my latest question please :)

    • Try what you want. it would work since if he does like you than you're making it a challenge. if you initiate a kiss than it takes the fun out of it for the man since he wants to control things generally. by giving him hints like I suggested it will give him more confidence to try to be more bold with you. ultimately you need to do what you want to do but either way let us know how it turns out...and if what you do doesn't work out than you move on...

    • No offense but I don't really like your last answer; I'm over trying to get him to hang out with me [I was the one who did the asking already and we did hang out at the mall but we also ended up hanging with a couple of his other friends.] and the other guy: I did briefly ask if we can hang out sometime and he just said that he works a lot at the venue I see him at so I can go there more...and I seriously think that it would just scare the guy off if I acted like you told me that.

    • The one who acts like you're just friends ask him to a movie and if he pays then rub his leg during the movie. if he makes you pay for his ticket sit two seats away from him and prop your feet up...and if he moves to you then make a move. the other one...ask him out and don't try to kiss him. do seductive things like twirl you hair, lick your lips. eat ice cream in a sexy way. ask him if he thinks your fat, put on lip gloss and ask him if it looks good on you, look into his eyes and stare

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