I'm going on my first REAL date ever. When stuff gets AWKWARD?

... SO I'm going on my first REAL date ever . But I have this thing where if I really like a guy I get super nervous so I kind of blank out and don't know what to say...

Any advice on how to keep the convo going, tips or tricks, topics that are appropriate to talk about on a 1st date?


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  • He will think it is cute when you do that so don't worr.


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  • Prepare some questions or stories in advance that you can refer to on the date. Just remember he's probably nervous too and that he's there because he already likes you. Talk about things that you like and that you care about. It always makes people look very attractive when they talk about the things that mean a lot to them because the passion and enthusiasm comes out.

  • Ask him questions about him. What's he done at school, is he going to college, what's his major, is he into sports, which sport and why, what team does he follow, is there a reason he picked that team over another, what's his dating history like, does he like to travel, has he been anywhere interesting on holiday?

    There's literally no end to the things you can talk about. The main thing is to let the conversation flow naturally. Not make it like an interview, where you're just firing question after question at him.


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