Should I tell him how I feel or not? And when is the right time?

Outside the club on my birthday I met this guy unintentionally. He is 18 years older than me and he lives far away in new york. We had a couple phone convos and three months later I took trip to visit him. Not even knowing if this would be safe or not. Turns out he is everything I want...hard working man owns his own home very generous..opens doors for me and treated me like a lady. I spent four nights and did not want to leave new york...he bought me and my son NY shirts and did everything he could for me. I'm going back to visit him in two more months but I don't want to continue to take these trips if he just looks at me as some young twenty one year old. Fling for the moment...I want to ask him if he could see a future with us without scaring him away. I eventually want a future with him even if its two years. Down the line...but I'm afraid to let him know that...when I go back to visit in two months should I ask him how he feels or tell him how I feel?'s some useful facts tho? his ex was twenty one...but she she acted younger than her age and he doesn't want the same thing to happen with me. _ he also wants to settle down eventually just hasn't found the right one...idk help me k!


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  • ask him how he feels, see if he wants to know how you feel. he sounds like a great guy..

  • I’m not an expert and i’ve never been in a similar situation but I have lost many chances because of fear and not letting know the guy I like that I like him.. so it might be worth to give it a shot and tell him :)