What counts as your first love?

Would it be the first person who:

-- you have dated who you liked a lot (but he may not have liked you as much in return)

-- has asked you to be his girlfriend / boyfriend (and did so much for you)

It's hard to be certain how much the other person likes you. He could be faking it or using you as a rebound? What happens then?

What counts as your first love? If it ended being a really bad dating relationship and in retrospect, he treated you poorly...would he still be your first love?


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  • Yea...I made myslef believe I loved this one idiot...There is NO WAY. In reality I thought he was mad annoying and a complete ahole. Now I would say my first love is the guy I'm dating now. I have never had someone care for me the way that he does. I never thought I'd find someone who thought I deserved to be loved the way he loves me. (:


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  • I count my first love as the guy who I was in a serious relationship with, I loved him a lot, and he loved me a lot. There were guys before who I may have thought I "loved" but he didn't love me back. Or we weren't in a relationship, something like that. I don't count those.

  • I say my first love was my boyfriend whom I lost my virginity to. I had other boyfriends before that..but, nothing really serious. Your first love is someone who you first loved..And, if you are his rebound, then he would constantly mentioning his ex..and how she is a bitch..and etc. At least from my experience that is..And yes...if he treated me badly..that doesn't change that I loved him..first. Before anyone else.

  • It's the first person you had a relationship with