A girl called me cute in a text, what does that mean?

Me and this girl have been texting back and forth a bit while she's been at the beach, I've kidna been flirting with her but earlier I complimented her and she texted me back "Aww you're so cute :)"

That kinda response to me generally means she's probably not interested. Let me know what you think


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  • Cute is a good thing! Guys don't seem to get that.


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  • It simply means she admires you and into you dude. Common show him what you got and be a man. Go and ask her out.. Girls like that approach but just don't make it look and sound overrated. :P

    • Well that's the problem, normally I wouldn't sweat it at all, I would jsut ask the girl out on a date and that would be that. But I won't be seeing her for like a month and a half, I guess the other question is should I keep texting her or should I just forget about it until I can approach her directly.

    • If you really like the girl then go for it. You got nothing to lose anyway, she likes you that's fasho. Just be friendly and casual in texting her but still know your limits. Don't be so overly obvious that you like her. Be cool and good luck. :P

  • She is interested. I've made the mistake of calling a guy "cute" one two many times. Mostly girls use that term when they like a guy, even if guys hate it.


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