He doesn't text back?

Hey guys!

So, here's the thing:

After a few times of recent texting, my guy friend commented on my changed relationship status on Facebook, saying "Your status was In a Relationship then, but now it's Single, is that for real? or did you just change status for fun?"

Then I answered, "yeah that's real"

And then...NOTHING...he didn't even text back...I waited for quite a while (past the average time he takes to reply) then said "?...anyway, I'm gonna go to bed now...nitenite"...

but still NOTHING?

Help? I've had a crush on him for ages but we don't talk and text and rarely see one another...was it just a coincidence that he finally said Hi to me (after a year) on Facebook just a few days after I changed my relationship status? I don't wanna rush into anything but I really wanna keep the texts going because I wanna know him better, but how do I do that? Should I text him next? Or wait until he texts me first? How long do I have to wait to do either?

Thanks heaps!

It's really really hard to see him face to face...but I'm hoping we can do it in the next few months..but right now, I'd just like to keep texting him before that time come...and he's a Libra...does that effect anything? LOL..hehe


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  • Why text? He obviously had some interest of he 'just happened' to text you after you changed your status. Here, hint--we don't 'just happen' to do stuff like that. It's some level of interest, even if it's just curiosity.

    And go with with the other guy said, call him!


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  • I'm confused, you changed your status to single, so you just broke off with your previous boyfriend then?

    • yeah..but the love feeling was over way long before we broke off...i didn't cheat on my boyfriend while I was with him...this guy never contacted me during my time with my bf...he's just said hi after I broke up with my bf...

  • Be an adult and call him. Texting is for little people. why sit around and wonder what he thinks call and tell him you want yo know him better


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  • If he has some sort of interest he appears to be conflicted on what that is. I mean, here he contacts you out of the blue but then does nothing else beyond that.

    You need to wait for a response from him. You have already responded to him AND even went further by saying goodnight. If you send another text right now it will just come off as overkill. Conversation is like tennis, it's not much fun and doesn't actually work if one person just keep hitting balls over the net without getting any back from the other player.

    So, don't get ahead of yourself by wondering if you two are going to start something up. You just became single, you would have a hard time even seeing each other and he is acting a bit odd too. Unless he starts putting energy into contacting you, I would not pursue this.

  • Some guys do that A LOT! The whole not texting you back thing...apparently they do it when they know you like them so that you will be waiting for their reply anxiously and therefore automatically be thinking about him! Anyway, if or whenever you text again and he doesn't reply to you, try not to text him, not even to say g'nite. It's better to just ignore it! Otherwise he might catch on that it bugs you and if he's the type that gets a kick out of it he will do it all the time.