Chapstick while kissing?

So when I'm with my guy we kiss a lot, so whenever were not together I always try to make sure I keep chap stick on my lips so there smooth and soft. But is it okay to wear it when I know ill probably be kissing him its the eos kind and its tastes like lemons. But I didn't know if he would mind it or not. Opinions?


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  • I see nothing wrong with putting on chapstick before kissing as long as it isn't a lot and it waxy while you're kissing. Also, you should find out if he likes lemons because just like you don't want to have bad breath, you also don't want to taste bad either.


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  • I wouldn't mind it at all. Actually the best kiss I ever received was from a girl that was wearing a mango flavored chap stick.


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  • I have that eos stuff! Unfortunately I haven't done much kissing since I started wearing it, haha, but it tastes realllly good, I don't think there should be a problem.