I'm not pretty enough to date someone I like... How to come to terms.

If a guy is fun, cute, funny, etc -- he'll have better options. How to get that through my thick skull and date the guys who aren't as appealing.


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  • By keeping in mind:

    how you see the unappealing guys is how guys you're attracted to see you.

    that you're getting older

    that you don't have any better options.

    that you're not a guy so you don't really have the default benefit of dating more attractive

    • True... How can I make myself interested in the guys with no options?

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    • @DebiPie

      Men do have more dating options of attractive women and younger women.

      Why do you think older men men prefer to date women 10-20 years younger then women their own age.

      Haven't you noticed most guys in their 20s going with 14-16 year olds.

      Girls have more options to sex and hookups at practically any age but with serious relationships & marriage men have more options than older women.

      Most guys think a woman over 25 is old.

    • I agree... Most guys in my age range are dating girls who are 5-10 years younger than I am. Unless they can't get a girl at all.

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  • There is no such thing as not pretty enough or ugly. Everyone has difference preferences , for example, Say you might like ketchup over mustard, then your best friend might disagree and say mustard is better. The same thing goes for looks, everyone looks different and there is person who might adore you for who you are. Now regarding to this guy, you can still get him or a have chance. The way to do it is confidence, and to make yourself seem independent. Nothing grabs a mans attention more then a woman who doesn't need a man but wants one. So I'm not saying wear slutty outfits or something revealing, but putting a stamp in his mind is a good start. From the way you interact with the guy , like hanging out, doing the same hobbies together,etc. Stuff like that makes him sort of think about you more or willing to hang out with you more.Theres thousands of ways but keep your chin up, I'm sure you can get him =)

    • No matter how well I get along with a guy, I get ditched for a better looking chick.

    • Yeah that's humans for you, and I'm sorry to hear. To be honest its better they left, because that means they were all about lust over love. Love is a connection with someone, leaving someone you have a good connection with for a better looking person sounds like a lot like lust to me. So I heavily advise you to just stay truthful to yourself and keep your eyes open, there is a guy out there for you, just need to stay optimistic. =)

    • Guys fall in love with their eyes. Most guys say "I treat beautiful girls like a princess..." That doesn't make him any less shallow, just fewer options available.

  • In a way I understand u,if you are with guys who kinda are unappealing.. In that respect you dnt have to worry much , not a sure thing but if they are not all that in looks, and you kinda know that your the best theyve have then,why not. love at first site is so overrated, love can be cultavated and in time in can happen...most love at first is like a hot boiling pot full of passion, but in time itll get cold. but if you cultavate and work on it, you know, at first its cold but it can and will get hot and boiling full of passion.. who knows maybe a guy who is not that appealing to you will have all the qualities. except the looks. but who knows, maybe those things will be the thing you will find very attractive. guys who are hot do have a lot of options but most overlook the right girl for the hot looking girl rite now...some hot girls are with ugly girls but most of the time is because he treats her like the queen she is. he is not like the rest of the douch bags she was used to...and vice versa...so who says you have to be real attracted to a guy, why not give a normal guy a try you know...most hot guys are players,jst saying,.,dnt worry ull find that special guy but have an open mind about it!

    • So if the only reason a guy treats a girl well is because of her looks, what's the point?

    • ur rite, I don't think, in my opinion, that a guy should treat a girl well, only based on her looks. or vice versa, I think its kinda shallow...

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  • No, your self esteem is too low to keep a guy with a lot of options. I've seen hot guys date average and unappealing looking girls so it isn't always your looks. Sure, fine girls get the most initial attention, but if you aren't that pretty you can still be a silent threat. Take care of your looks the best you can and develop a great personality, be confident, and know how to treat a man and you can get a cute guy I'm sure. Seriously, my brother is really attractive (I don't think so ew but other girls do) and he's dating a not-so-cute girl but she has a bomb personality, is sweet and caters to him. He could do better physically but don't always think that just because a girl looks better than you that she IS better than you because that's not always the case. I think your bad self image is really what's the biggest turn off, don't be so down on yourself.

  • you should date whomever you want... what's the point in dating guys who aren't appealing to you? how is that ever going to work?

  • be happy

  • except yourself