How can I open up to her?

Ok so I am currently involved with this girl and I want to take the relationship to the next level so after our second date I kissed her at the end and then flirting ensued via texting. The next day she sends me a text message saying that we are "moving too fast" and that she just wants to be friends for now.

So yesterday we hang out all day spooning and hugging and having a great time. So I try to sneak in a kiss and she reminds me of what she said yet the rest of the day we continue spooning and hugging as tho we were a couple. Yet when I try to kiss her she pulls away and reminds me of what she said.

She says she wants to know more about me before we go the next level but I have been hurt a lot in the past by various girls and I need something concrete before I can truly open up to her yet it seems like she wants me to open up to her without any sort of commitment at all.

This girl is absolutely perfect and I don't want to lose her. How do I convey to her that I need something from her to let me know that I can open up to her without getting hurt again?

thanks for the help but after a talk with her about stuff I am now in the friend zone. So now I've learned that I have been strung along for the past couple weeks. Story of my life. Thanks again for the help tho it just sux that it had to end like this.


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  • well I think she is right, she wants to kow more about you. sometimes when we like someone we want to make sure if this wonderful guy is all those nice things he says or seems to be, is like we want to make sure. also see it this way if you spend more time knowing you she might find other things about you that she may really like, so show her where you come from ,your accomplishments, your qualities, get to know her too ask questions to her too, try to find aout what she likes to do, do activities with her. if there's something you like about her let her know it, let her know what is it. be a gentleman do not try to kiss her again or take her place so that you can kiss her, she will value your patience and respect. that will show you are a man. treat her like a princess. and if you been hurt in the past, stop hangin into that, every relation is different, every situation is different so make it the best possible an do not rely on the past because that would not let you open yourself better.


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  • Tell her exactly what you just said...that you've been hurt by previous girls and you don't know what to do to open up more because you really don't want to be hurt again.


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  • She is not perfect and no one is. She is playing you like a banjo. If you really need to "get" her then you start playing hard to get. sit away from her more. don't touch her as much. Wear a really nice cologne so it can tease her a bit. Make her chase you damnit!

  • Tell her that, plain and simple.