When a girl calls you Dude/Bud/Buddy= No chance of scoring?

Well, I remember hearing, or reading somewhere that when a girl calls you Dude Buddy, etc. Basically means that she doesn't see you in a romantic kind of way, right or it depends on the situation.. Can someone correct me if I'm wrong? Almost forgot, calls me bud etc. On text messages, and she only did once in person.. If it helps any to know.

Thanks in Advance!


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  • I call my guy buddy but them again I call everyone buddy kinda like some Pauly Shore


What Girls Said 2

  • Not necessarily. Some girls just say things like that automatically. I say "dude" pretty often, and I know I've called my boyfriend dude before. And I definitely see him in a romantic way :)

    There are a lot more other, more reliable ways to tell whether or not someone is interested in you.


What Guys Said 2

  • a girl I've done a lot of sexual stuff with, she's called me dude in a text or two. Buddy doesn't sound good though.

  • tell her to call you bud-with-benefits