What should I do with a girl who betrayed me many times?

we were best friends, but then she said that she must not talk to Because her friend didn't like me, now when she is not talking to them she want us to be friends again. but she lied to me a lot. what should I do?


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  • A person who allows others to dictate their life is one who needs to grow a pair and just learn to make their own decisions and choices (harsh may be but true) Her friend probably didn't like you, cause you were coming between them.

    Personally if this girl is not going to behave in such a way that lets you know she doesn't care what others think (especially a friend) then she's not yet ready to do anything. because she needs to grow up first.

    I know girls have this code thing that says you mustn't choose a man over your mate...well that's a bunch of old tosh if you ask me. If you like the person and want to make a go of it with them, then why would a 'true' friend want to get in the way of that. My best mate has been going out with a guy for nearly 3 yrs. I liked him long before they got together, but when they did get together, I accepted it, and now I couldn't imagine a better suited couple.

    Don't waste you time if she isn't going to make the effort...sorry but what's it going to take for her to sit up and have the reality check?


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  • walk away from her. do you really want her and all her drama in your life?


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  • Have respect for yourself and never talk to her again. You deserve better so don't bother with her. There are many nice women out there that are not liars and will not pick their friends over a man.