Best way to invite him to hang?

This guy and I both admitted we had/have crushes on each other lmao but we are both to shy to initiate any hangouts. what's a good date/hangout idea that's low-key but fun and flirty?


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  • Mall.. Shopping if he likes you he'll go.. Its fun.. Just flirt with him doing it..

    If he's good with a camera ask him to go do a photoshoot at a park.. Or Your house.. Where ever..

    If you want to keep it low key the First few times you do it bring a friend.. Then the next time go alone.. But remember to flirt.. I can tell you right now if you bring a friend and forget to flirt he will get mixed signals..

    Sunset... That's it ask him to go watch a sunset..

    Bike rides... If you live close

    Group dates.. Say the other girl needs you there..

    Wait.. Why do you want it low key... You both said you have crushes on the other.. Just ask him out on a real date.. Don't go low key


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  • coffee is always an easy way to go or if your both into it going to the mall after school or just hang out at one others house and watch movies anything really if I like a girl I wouldent pass it up


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  • so.. you're too shy to ask him out but not too shy to tell him you have a crush on him? just ask him to the movies or go to the mall.

  • ask him to see the midnight showing of harry potter, so you can rest your head on his shoulder if you feel like falling asleep