Ok...was this a stupid move?

I told my boyfriend that I want his tongue in my mouth. Comments? I am really interested in what the guys have ti say? You think it was ego building or did he lose respect for me. (We've been going out nine months)

btw-- his tongue has nvr exactly been in my mouth. he tried once but it was my first kiss so I didn't know what I was doing and kinda shut him out. was I stupid to say this?

i guess stupid was the wrong word. I didn't mean stupid, I meant like what is it?


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  • since you guys have been dating for 9 months then I don't think that he has lost any respect for you. he might think that you are a little adventrous which can turn him on even more. and also if he tried once and it was your frist kiss then he might have gotten the message that you don't want that now so he decided not to do that. so it might come to him a a surprise and a turn on to him if you know that he wants to put his tongue in your mouth then he might feel more comfortable kissing you with his tongue


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  • I think all I would say would be "ok" lol what can I say I love and enjoy pleasing the woman I am with

  • No it isn't stupid, it's actually kinda funny how bluntly you said it, which also adds sex appeal in my opinion. I'm sure it'll be fine.

    • Well it was like three days ago, so I'm not rly worried about it, but I'm just wondering like what some guys would think if there gfs said that to them.

    • I'd laugh and give it a try.

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  • well, it isn't really something that you would typically say, you just kind of do it. it may have caught him off guard, depending on when, where and how you said it. I don't believe he would think less of you for wanting it (seeing as how he himself has tried it with you), but if my boyfriend said that to me it would make me nervous about it, even though we've kissed (tongue and all) thousands of times. I don't think it was "stupid," perhaps naive is a better word.

    sorry, I'm not a guy, but I thought I'd add my 2 cents worth anyway.

    • Lol thnx for the advice, and naive is def. a word used frequently to describe me.