What are guys texting girls that gets them entrusted and laughing?

And not come of creepy whether it be just flirt to I want you booty call sex text


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What Girls Said 1

  • The nature of relationship should be established before you text to flirt / booty call. Then it won't be creepy. If there is mutual agreement established then proceed. Just be mild manner and light hearted not too pushy.


What Guys Said 1

  • Mostly anything unrelated to how they look will work. Women are especially sensitive to how they look and if they like you they will get mad if you make some suggestive remark about the way they appear. Anything else really should work..however I also would not go into anything such as religion politics or sex because out of all the topics in the world those three are about the most "trollable" as you can get and can cause quite a stir with her. Just be playful and tell her things about your day and such. The best thing to do with a woman though: Listen. If you can listen to her..whether you answer her or not..then you are pretty much golden.

    • I should also add that it is OK to say something like "you look nice" or something but if you do at least be genuine about it. Do not say it if you do not mean it and also be sincere about it. Notice something specific about WHY she looks nice. Then move on to a new subject. Women like compliments but when you talk to them about it constantly it makes them think you are after one thing..