Holding doors?

if a guy holds every door for you, does it mean he likes you?

i've had a crush on this guy for a couple of months now and we text sometimes and we talk all the time in class and walk from class together sometimes. we hold really good conversations and I'm comfortable around him and he seems relaxed around me.

anyway, we were walking from talking with friends and he held every door it took for us to get out on the other side for me. that's a total of 6 doors. like he held them and let me walk through them first before he followed. then he asked my opinion on some movie and remembered where I usually walk to after class. he then started some random conversation about studying before I tried to walk away to meet up with my friend.

idk. sometimes I feel like he likes me, but sometimes not. like yesterday, like I always do, I asked him to sign me into class via text message and he never said anything back. so I get to class and he says he didn't sign me in 'cause he got no message from me, but he signed in our other partner from class and she didn't even ask him. then later on when we met up with her he goes 'oh, I always sign you in' and she's like 'that's so sweet' and then they left it alone, but she has a boyfriend and he doesn't really talk to her, plus I heard guys do dumb stuff like that to make a girl jealous. idk.

Firstly, he has never held the door for me like that before. he always holds it after he walks through. like, I'm walking behind him and he holds it open as he continues to walk out. also, he waited until we were alone to do it.


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  • When it comes to things like this, I don't treat women or the girl I like any different than men or anyone else. The gender or my feelings toward someone don't impact my decision as to whether or not I am going to hold a door open for them. Though I do consider it wrong to do it just for women and not for men as the tradition originated from the ideals that women are men's property.


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  • i was raised to be polite and hold a door open even if she is just a friend but if I think a girl is cute I will make extra sure to hold the door open for her. I think you should ask him to go out with you sometime for fun but don't make it sound like a date. then make sure he has fun and flirt a lot to make him want to ask you out sometime

  • Holding doors means that he has been raised properly.


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  • I wouldn’t say that’s a definitive indicator. I’ve never had a guy NOT hold a door open for me, and I KNOW they don’t all like me! Haha.

    I would say that it’s a nice, polite gesture though. However, it gets on my nerves a little bit if I’m like 20 feet away and he’s holding it open because then I feel like I have to run (in heels) because he’s standing there waiting! LOL. But in most cases, it’s just a normal thing to do. (However, it could be a regional thing though, because I live in the south )

    If the guy is the type that lets doors slam in other girls’ faces but holds it open for you, then he might like you, but he’s not very polite! Haha….So just because he holds doors open doesn’t mean he automatically likes you, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t like you either. Watch for other signs.

    Good luck! Comment/message me if you have other questions.


  • He could like you, but maybe he was just raised right.