He doesn't understand why I only want him?

I've met a guy online two years ago and we both live in different countries and really, we both couldn't find any oportunity to be together. I mean we couldn't even meet. but it was obvious that we had a 'chemistry' or whatever you say it. we still have it. and yesterday he told me that he knows that we'll never meet and he made compliments to me that I will meet someone, and I told him the same thing. it was like a 'good luck' you know. and it hurt really. after that, he said to me that he got upset and he doesn't want anyone to have me. I know he's a jealous person. I told him I already don't want anyone and he said that he doesn't understand why I only do want him though...

i wonder what men really think about it. what should I do?

sorry for my English, because I am not :)


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  • I think if you guys really feel seriously about it, you should stop being vaginas and make it happen. The greater the risk, the greater the reward.


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  • That's stupid. No point in mooning over someone you know you can't have. I mean, if you were within a few hours of each other, that's one thing (still stupid, but doable), but in two separate countries is only going to end badly.

    • It happens though. What is she supposed to do?

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    • I mean what are you advising her NOT to do ? She can't do anything about it anyway.

    • To not become romantically invested with a person you've never met from another country. Which is a good rule to live by, regardless.

  • Forget about it.


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  • I met my boyfriend on here and he lives about 4 states away.. we just make it work, we know how we feel about each other and we just make it work.

  • You should only date men who you have the probability of meeting. Dating someone from another country online is pointless, how are the two of you ever going to meet?

  • It's not real understand that. it's not real and never will be.