Why are women so hot and cold?

Over the years I have been asking this same question, why do ladies get the urge to be so hot and cold? One minute a lady is great with me, she chats, texts a lot, flirts, wants to meet up often, basically wants to be around me often.next she just goes off, doesn't want to meet up, ignores texts, ignores emails, talks to everyone but me, just generally off! Now I ain't the type to send 100 emails and texts, so I do give women breathing space. However when the off behavior happens, I go off them and give up! Ladies your opinions would be appreciated please.

. You seem like a stable lady and maybe she though dating someone you did may make her have a happy relationship. Whatever her reason for dating your ex is, she clearly has a problem with you. What you need to do is say to your boyfriend you are going to


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  • All girls are like that man

    • Not true at all.

    • Loll I know they are very different but confusing in a way, but you gotta love them

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  • Yeah true!I have few question for you so please enlighten me on what you think and what he's thinking.My sister In-law is dating my ex. this is the ex whom virginity I took years ago I was his first love and he was mine.she's been hiding it for months.she never knew him until she moved up here.when she decided to tell me she played the dumb roll asking me questions bout him like whether he was a good man or not,our sex life,stuff like that .i refuse to answer cause it's none of her biz and I was choked up!.she went back telling him things lying using my name.basically lying to him like I was talking bad bout him.which I would never do.Although my sister in law and I never was close we used to speak occasionally when she would come to visit her bro.she mainly spoke on the downfalls of other and what they should do with their life.i just listenedI never really hung out with her when she invited me, because she a compulsive gossiper.now that she dating my ex .he confronted me several times about things she said I said.she purposly throw his name in the air every time we have a dispute.when I don't respond the way she wants she call her bro and tell him I'm jealous and I don't love him I want her man.which upsets him and cause a mess. 99 % of the time when she and I have a argument it's not about her man but she makes it bout him .It's ridiculous.it's causing trouble in my home.i'm married to her bro

    P.S her bro know this was my old love and he don't agree with there relationship but he acts like he does,

    What should I do.

    Why is she doing this?

    Whyis she trying so hard to get someone who I'm cool with (him)as well as my family whom grew up with his family to hate me?

    I'm asking because you sound mature and your a man.

    • I think your sister in law is jealous that you have a stable relationship and she is in a not so stable relationship. She may also be testing to see your not jealous about your ex. She can see you and her brother are happy, because of that she wants to make things go unhappy and that gives her satisfaction and makes her feel she is not the only one going through relationship turmoil. This girl clearly has issues. You seem like a stable lady and maybe she though dating someone you did may make

    • Sorry my answer seems to have been chopped around.

  • Some times like that challenge of conquering something they thiught was hard to do and once they get it ,and got it it like what the f***.not to sound rude, but the same thing men sometimes do.they see how interesting your life is and make a judgement like men.

    • I kinda see where you going at. But I can honestly say I would never pursue a woman and then be off with her for no reason, or cos I have conquered my quest. I do ignore the women who feel the need to be hot and cold me on a regular basis, often shutting them out completely. I'm too old for silly mind games I guess.

    • Her have a happy relationship. Whatever her reason for dating your ex is, she clearly has a problem with you. What you need to do is say to your boyfriend you are going to have a chat with his sister as problems keep arising and you don't want to have such problems in your relationship. Then I suggest you get to spend an evening with his sister and say to her how much it hurts that she says things about you to your ex, how it effects your relationship with her brother, whom you clearly love. Once you have an open chat and you say the pain she is causing, she may finally get to realise what she is doing is wrong.

  • I don't want to read those other responses but I think that it's like if she has been very hot and so on, so she will think that she has been too pushy and easy, so she gets cold.. That she won't seem so easy. She regrets her acts, maybe.

  • Not all ladies are like this, just to tell you.

    however I would think they only reason girls are like this is because we don't know where your head is at or what your thinking and so we go through a range of emotions trying to figure you out.

  • really? I'm pretty sure men are hot and cold! lol seriously.one week theyre chasing you, excited to see you etc then they stop texting you or just don't act the same at all. although sometimes when guys text or whatever it seems like they don't put a lot of effort into what theyre saying, and sometimes it can come across as mean or un caring or something. maybe she was sick of always having to text you and you not trying to contact her enough. most girls like guys to do the chasing and put in a lot of effort.because girls love to be wanted.thats all we really want. but her reasoning could be anything really. she could be really busy with school etc, maybe she lost her phone! lol but you should try to confront her and see what's up.im sure there's a reasonable explanation for it.

    • I know what you mean by women wanting to feel wanted. However I do text women as often as I can, make em feel good cos they have been treated badly by men in the past. Like I say one minute its a nice convo by text, then we meet up etc...Next its like I text and get ignored, when we meet up she wants to know everyone except me...Before you say I'm paranoid, I know when I'm being ignored and when a girl needs her space.

    • No I know what you mean, I just don't get why one minute she would be texting you and stuff and then ignore you..especially when you said you try to give her her space in the first place.

  • PMS , they call it that cause mad cow diseas was taken . :P

  • because it is our nature.

  • yeah, it's mood swings, and if a guy I like can tolerate it, well he will survive being my bf.


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