Should I call him or wait for him to me?

My boyfriend said he was coming over in a bit so I waited for him the day goes by and still no show he finally calls me after I sent him a couple of texts and said he's outside I told him to come in he told me to come outside that's when I got upset cause I thought he was gonna spend some time with me. I got up set that's when he said he had a bad day and that he been on the road all day and that he's really really tired and all he wants to do is sleep. The next day he promise that he was gonna see me he never came. So should I call him or wait I did see him recently it's just that we haven't spent enough time together.


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  • well y dnt yu pay him a visit yrslf

    n check up on him maybe he's in some sorta trouble

    n yes you should call him up but dnt force him too come over


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  • It sounds like he had a tough day and needed so down time to recover from it. I think it's best to give him a day or a day and a half to sleep and relax and recover from whatever it is that made his day so bad. The more you call him and ask him why he doesn't come over, the more you're going to push him away. You need to understand that he needs some time to himself and you need to take a step back and give him some room to breathe