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My boyfriend hasn't texted or called in 2 days?

OK so we dated 2 1/2 years ago but he was awkward then with girls. He has matured since then and we always stayed friends. We started dating again... Show More

Still nothing... Should I call him at 10:30? Or just not say anything the rest of the night?

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  • sounds like he just needs some space. let him be and talk to him when he gets back from his aunt's

    • thanks for BA

      and good luck with him

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  • Just text him. Maybe he wants you to. I hate when my girlfriend waits for me all the time. It's like she expects it first.

    • Well I have... Every few hours I'll say something... So I'm afraid it's too much. What should I say when I text?

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    • Depends on how many texts / calls you already put through. 3 in 24 hours without a response back is my limit.

    • Ya... I overdo that.. :/ but found out from his because that he jus wants me to chill a lil. We did tlk like multiple nights on a row all night. He's the guy tht doesn't need to tlk to me every day and he still feels the same about me. All my other exes wanted to tlk to me 24/7 so I have to figure him out still ha ha thx :)

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