How often should I text my boyfriend?

My boyfriend is the quiet shy type. All my exes had to talk to me 24/7 to feel like we still were into each other, but my current boyfriend is the type that can go days without talking to me and he still likes me just as much. I know texting him every day is getting on his nerves... How often should I text him so he doesn't feel smothered yet still knows I care? Also my ex of 8 months left me a few weeks ago and he wanted to make sure I wouldn't go back to him. This is giving me trouble on how often to text so he knows I'm giving him space yet he knows I still care and I'm not going back to my ex?


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  • Just stop worrying about it.. Don't make it a big deal.(: Wait for him to text or call you if your that worried. Relationships are not something to be stressed about. Or if you really want to text him I would recommend every other day. If he's not texting you, don't keep texting him.. Hope that helps. :D

    • I texted him once said "hey :) what's up?" and he hasn't replied so I'm just going to wait and when he's ready he'll talk to me. Maybe he just needs to know I won't smother him.

    • Thanks for the best answer! Hope everything went well(:


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  • 1) I am not a texter (I just got started)

    2) If I am getting this...he wants to keep tabs on you with regards to your ex...but doesn't want you texting alot...u said "texting him every day" but surely one text a day wouldn't be too much...if I loved you I would like several texts/day...or do you mean that you are texting way more than once a day? If you are texting every half hour...maybe try cutting back to once every half day...what reassurance can you give your boyfriend about your ex...and...actually...a LITTLE bit of jealousy is a good thing...should sly ly get it worked around where HE is texting to check up on u! That would put you (My Friend) in the driver's seat...let me know if I am not getting this...and I will take another shot...

    • No your good I thinknthe half a day thing is good but he isn't worried about my ex Idt anymore... He knows I won't leave him

  • not all guys love to text. Maybe you should ask him to use his free minutes on his mobile to call you every night before you sleep. 2 min to say "goodnight, sweet dreams my love" won't aches any part of anyone's anatomy.

    • Ok so his cousin said that he wanted me to chill and said text him at least once a day ( they are very close) so should I do that? Just text and say hey :) and wait for his response? Then ask that he call me before I go to bed to say goodnight? Would that be too much?

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  • Personally, I think you are giving him way too much. If he is worried about you going back with your ex then he should text you and make sure you know HE is still around. I wouldn't text him until he text me first.