Why can't people be more simple minded?

I'm going to generalize here but a lot of people around my age

(19 years old) are so full of sh*t. I mean if a person you barely know, calls you up and wants to hang out, can't they be more free-minded and just go with the flow? Seriously how are you suppose to get to know people better when a lot of them are having this "na I don't care if he/she tries to get close to me because I already have close friends" attitude?


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  • understand what your tlking abt, people need to go with the flow more and be more chill about things, how are you going to make friends with people if you shut them out? "Strangers can be just as close to you as friends if you just chill out, generally people around your own age who you see at school or work every other day aren't going to kill you and chop you to bits, just wanna hang


What Guys Said 1

  • Maybe you should try practicing what you preach.