Underage dating, what to do?

my brother in law is dating a 14 year old he's 17 he'll be 18 in October she'll be 15 in March. he refuses to leave her no matter what my mother in law is threatening to ground him till he dumps her because she doesnt approve of it at all. he says that if she does he's going to run away. I trll her she just needs to let it happen because its most likely only going to happen till school starts because there going to different schools and she's so young that she'll probably get bored and find someone else. (you know how teenage girls are) my husband says that they should just stay together and when he's 18 let him deal with the consequences if her parents call the cops what odyou guys think


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  • It's a three and a half year difference. Let it be. As long as he's not having sex with her, he's not breaking the law.

  • yeah, just let it be


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