After a dinner and a movie date, I'm lost. What happened here?

Last night I took a girl that I've been dating for a couple months out on a dinner and a movie date. After the movie I was taking her home and she was telling me how much fun she had and thanked me for taking her cause she really enjoyed it. Everything was going great until we got to her door.

At that point honestly all I wanted to do was give her a hug and kiss goodnight. But when we got there she just unlocked it and walked in. I, apparently mistakenly, took that as she wanted me to come in. As soon as I stepped inside she turned and started to close the door on me and she gave me a "wtf" face.

So I kind of panicked and just said oh I wanted to just say goodnight and gave her a kiss and left quickly. Ever since she hasn't really been talking to me like before. A lot of one worded and half-hearted responses. I don't know what's up. Any advice or insight?


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  • Clearly, you're missing something here. If you guys were dating for a few months before this and everything is hunky-dory, there's no reason for her to shut down on you. I would guess that something happened or she came to some conclusion that is preventing her from wanting your attention, but she hasn't told you what that is.

    If I were you, I'd do your best to address the issue directly and have a serious conversation with her about the way she's been acting towards you lately. Once you find out what's eating her, you'll know how to proceed.

    • I don't know what it was. I think it must of just been something that night. Or maybe I misread the meaning behind her facial expression. Maybe she was wondering why I hadn't come inside all the way and why I was standing in the doorway? I don't know but it seems to have passed cause she's been talking to me just like she always has the last few hours.

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  • You guys should talk about it! Right now it is kind of an unresolved issue that is on both of your minds and is making her act awkward. It might not even be a big deal, and you both will probably feel better when it is addressed.

  • well one thing is obvious she wasn't going in the direction you thought or wanted her to be she probably was surprised you like her that much

    • We've already done stuff together. Fooled around and what not. I've told her I'm crazy about her and she's returned the sentiment. This was the first time anything like this has happened

  • well maybe she thought that you were expecting some thing "more" from her.


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