18 year old dating a 27 year old?

what are your thoughts on this

the 18 year old is female

the 27 year old is male

just so you know this is me and my boyfriend I'm talking about lol
we want the same things , we are both mature

im going to college and he's had his job for 6 years


Most Helpful Girl

  • I don't think that this age gap is significant enough to really impact your relationship negatively. If you're mature for your age (which, from what I can gather, you are), then the relationship will be fine. Luckily, a guy in his 20's looks great with a younger woman, and so no one is going to see you two walking by and think to his or herself, "Wow, talk about a trophy-wife waiting to happen!"

    So, if you're wondering if it looks weird, not at all! And if you're wondering whether the age difference is too vast a gap to bridge with maturity, you've no reason to worry. As long as the two of you approach the situation with open minds, you should have a great relationship! Just remember that communication is key.