Boyfriend is still on dating websites

Girls (and may be guys can help solving my puzzles also), what would you do if you find your boyfriend of four years still goes on line on dating website *as a paid (VIP) member*, with a top line saying *****"Family Man Looking for a Wife."*****

This same guy was someone who kept babbling about moving to to live in the same city where I live because we were in distance relationship and he wants to improve our relationship, but that was before I degraded him to be "ex" after finding his profile online (I never invited him to move to my town, though... Because I was still not sure about this man).


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  • Kick him to the curb. He's a player and has been playing you this whole time.

    I've met lots of men on 'dating' sites and many give me sob stories about their girlfriends or wives...I refuse to go out with them again.

    Since your boyfriend kept this from you, he's probably been seeing other women. He talked about moving closer to you to improve your relationship to keep you on the hook...and he probably has other women in the same situation as you.

    My boyfriend told me he had closed his "profile" on the site we met; I signed in to copy some of our e-mails and then close my profile...saw he was still active and actually online. Did something I'm not very proud of and made up a fictitious profile and messaged him. Never told him I did this, of course, or how I knew he was talking to other women online. But dumped him shortly after.

    Sorry. :( It sucks, I know.


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  • That guy was just telling you want he thought you wanted to hear. He was never serious about any of it. It was a good thing you dumped him, you deserve better than that.

  • Yeah time to leave that there relationsh*t


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  • I have been through a lot with guys I would confront him let him know you saw his page send him the link to his web page and let it sink into his head and then tell him your dumping him in big letters and then say bye bye I can find some one better

  • i'd cut my losses.

  • Just went through something similar. I kicked his ass to the curb. I also told him I was cheating on him the entire time even though I wasn't but it felt good to get even.