Why won't she call me?

This girl I met at camp gave all of the guys in my cabin her phone number. We only knew each other for a week, so I didn't give her my phone number, but she thought I was kinda funny and said hi to me alot. After I left camp, I called her a day later but she didn't answer. The next, I called her again and she still didn't answer. Why isn't she answering?


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  • Well, if she gave her number to all the guys in your cabin, it's possible that she had her eye on one guy in particular, but didn't want to seem too forward. Maybe she was just interested in one of the guys, but didn't want him to think she was trying too hard, and give her number to everyone? You never know, girls do some crazy stuff sometimes...

    There’s also the possibility that she’s playing hard to get with you. Then again, if she just gave you her number after one week out of the blue, she probably isn't too concerned with coming off as easy. Honestly, it sounds to me that she was interested in someone else in your cabin, but didn't necessarily want him to know how she felt, so she gave her number to everyone.

    But you, Mister, have to be a little smarter about calling the ladies! You should have waited at least 3 days after you left camp to call/text her, and you should have NEVER called her a second time so soon!

    Maybe I'm being too critical, but from now on, it wouldn't hurt if you played a little hard to get yourself! I'm not telling you to be a jerk, but at least try the 3-day rule. And texting is better than calling if you're nervous. If you meet another girl at camp next year, go with "I miss seeing your cute face around every day" instead of a call; she'll smile when she realizes that you've been thinking about her, but please, for the love of God, WAIT awhile before texting a girl. Give her a chance to miss you! haha

    Good luck,



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  • i think you shouldn't care about her. maybe she was just playing,enjoying herself


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  • You're probably reading too much into it. She was probably just being friendly to you.